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Universal energy access is a key priority on the global development agenda.
It is a foundation for all the Millennium Development Goals.

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon

Who we are

The aim of our organisation is to build up and raise awareness of sustainable technologies and their capabilities in the area of international development cooperation, across sectors (non-governmental nonprofit organizations, commercial organizations, state institutions).

About 1.4 billion people had no access to electricity, hence are deprived from opportunities to generate income and employment and access to other basic services such education, health and education; and more than 2.5 billion were cooking with solid biomass fuels, the great majority of them using simple, inefficient and polluting stoves, therefore exposed to respiratory diseases.The lack of energy access for billions of poor people in the world is a big concern among the most important development agencies in the world (World Bank, UN, EEC and others); it is felt that without energy access people cannot escape from poverty and the Millennium Development Goals would not be achieved. The UNDP, in its Energy and Sustainable Development Overview states “None of the Millennium Development Goals can be met without major improvement in the quality and quantity of energy services in developing countries”.

Support for the application of sustainable technologies and methods in the projects of international development cooperation focuses, through expert group providing the information, analyses and consultation, on four cross-cutting issues – renewable energy sources, sustainable agriculture including herbal medicine, exploitation and protection of water resources and management of local cycles.


Tomáš Tožička
tel.: (+420) 603 866 054

Cooperating institutions




ADRA, o.s.



Centrum globálních studií Filosofického ústavu Akademie věd ČR 

The Center of Global Studies, Institute of Philosophy at the Academy of Sciences and the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University


 Český svaz vědeckotechnických společností

Česká vědeckotechnická společnost pro aplikovanou kybernetiku a informatiku


 Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze

Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Institute of Tropics and Subtropics


  Ekumenická akademie

Ecumenical Academy


 Eurosolar.cz, o.s.



 Caritas Czech Republic

Caritas Czech Republic