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Within the framework of international cooperation in the area of development and poverty alleviation, the searching for new approaches to secure worthy life of the population in developing countries is targeted towards support for exploitation of local resources. The trends in international development cooperation tend from global distribution of energies, primary commodities and materials to support for self-sufficiency of local communities, which, however, has to be sustainable on a long-term basis. It is the factor of sustainability, whether it is economic, social or cultural sustainability, which should be the motto of development projects, as it assumes impacts on the poorest target groups into the future, which by return will influence other groups and countries including our country. Such trend and its positive effects may also be markedly contributed to by the application of sustainable technologies and methods in the projects of Czech international development cooperation influencing the target areas and countries receiving Czech support.

The adoption and step-by-step „domestication“ of sustainable technologies and methods represents a conceptional shift for both the project executors and primarily recipients of their assistance. At present, from the viewpoint of the potential of development nonprofit sector, effective incorporation of sustainable technologies and methods in the projects of international development cooperation is primarily a question of starting to propagate an easy and promoted access to the practical solution-oriented information, contacts, case reports and materials, enhanced by supporting tools, such as electronic/printed manuals or individual consultation, etc. This all to be relevant to international trends in the issues of conceptions of sustainable resources in international development cooperation, through communication with foreign experts and international meetings.

This means that our main objective is to incorporate, to a wider extent, sustainable technologies and methods in the projects of international development cooperation. This is to be based on capacity building for raising awareness of these issues. No less important step is networking of the state, non-governmental and private actors in this field.