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Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sourcesAs estimated by the United Nations Organization, two billion people do not have access to electric energy and almost three billions people use only biomass (wood mass, charcoal, animal droppings) as the main energy source.

The current model of energy generation and consumption in developed countries is in principle untransferrable to developing countries, especially with regard to its own limits and future development. If we want to help power engineering in the poorest countries, we have to keep in mind limitations concerning the fossil-nuclear energy system. In countries, where no power engineering in sense of developed states exists as the majority of the population have no access to energy, it would be a serious mistake to build power engineering on the basis of Euro-American tradition and traditional considerations of leading energy experts. There is neither wise nor far-sighted to build new power engineering of developing countries „on a green field“ according to old schemes and patterns of fossil or even nuclear centralist power engineering, while certain regions in developed and ecologically conscious countries already today are supplied with renewable energy (tens of per cent of the total energy consumption), and it is reckoned with that as of 2030 entire federal lands in FRG will be energy-independent from fossil-nuclear power system. The build-up of old power engineering systems in developing countries would at the very least lead to further migration of people searching for livelihood in towns, bustling urbanization giving rise to slums together with rural areas becoming desolate and, from the global viewpoint, to immense climatic impacts.

In preparing plans for power engineering systems in developing countries it should be kept in mind that most of the territories of these countries have better conditions for certain types of renewable sources in comparison with, for example, Europe. The geographic positives are added to by socio-economic differences – in particular, different infrastructure, low population density and advancing deforestation, the reason for which is increasingly rising consumption of firewood for cooking. These all are problems which can be avoided by renewable energy sources.


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