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Management of local cycles

Management of local cyclesWithin the framework of development projects and particularly in technology transfers, all possible impacts need to be taken into consideration, the negatives need to be eliminated and positive benefits strengthened. This is taken into account by a so-called management of local cycles, which attends to the project involvement in a wider interaction within the community, at economic, social and environmental levels. This means that not only technical solutions, but also a number of personal and social interaction in a certain, generally culturally differing context are concerned, which are of significant effect on the project success and long-term operability.

Long-term economic and ecological sustainability of development projects is associated with strengthening of the local economy. Developing countries are particularly vulnerable to world market turbulence, which they can influence in no way, and extensive economic crisis often degrades the results of long-time efforts. It also turns out that large direct foreign investments generally bring more risks than benefits to the country. To secure sufficient supplies of foodstuffs and effective exploitation of other natural resources, the localization of economy is the most efficient strategy.

The sustainability of development projects largely depends on to what extent they are adopted by communities which they are intended for. Required is participation of all whom the project concerns, so that it from the lowest level supports the principle of good governance. Successful project so may serve as inspiration to further own activities or as a nucleus of crystallization of community development. It is important to make use of a possibility of acting on the public for the purpose of advocacy of partners´ interests in a developing country, as it can be reasonably expected that a single project did not resolve all of their problems.

Most effective projects are those which already in the phase of their preparation are included into a wider strategy acting towards system changes in sense of economic, social and ecological sustainability, preferably in combination of these accents. Such projects then also may be inspirational to necessary changes in developed countries.